"I buried my mother alone without my family members" Lady reveals sad truth

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A woman took to Twitter to share her grief after burying her mother all alone after every member of her family abandoned her because of a family feud. She accused her cousins, aunties, and uncles of getting involved in family feuds and neglecting her mother despite the relationship she shared with them.

The bereaved vowed not to forgive their aunties, uncles, and cousins, and even threatened to cut them off after abandoning her to bury her mother alone. She accused them of not getting involved in the burying of her mother. At her youthful age, they all abandoned her to bury her mother by herself with no help from them.

"My cousins didn't come to my mom's funeral, nor did my aunt and uncles. My cousins decided to get involved in a family feud that involved our parents, which I find very childish. I cut everyone off the day I buried my mother. They thought their mothers were immune to death. "Look now.

She took to social media to call them out and vowed to cut them off entirely in her life. She accused them of not attending her mother's burial or getting involved; she buried her mother all alone. Now she cut them off since they don't consider her part of their family. Do you think cutting her family off is right?

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