IMF will help us improve the collection of E-Levy. Ministry of Finance tells.

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The ministry of finance is in charge of the finances of the country. The ministry has hinted that the IMF programme will help and improve upon the collection of E-Levy.

In a statement made on social media by the official account of the presidency, the Ministry of Finance said "An IMF programme is likely to encourage us to investigate the factors hindering the success of the E-Levy, including providing technical assistance and come out with strategies to improve it". This means that the Government is not going to only seek for a financial bailout but also going to seek assistance to improve the E-Levy.

Personally, I think any decision by the government to improve upon the economy is good. What are your thoughts on the statement of the ministry of finance concerning the IMF and E-Levy enhancement. Share your thoughts in the comments box and have a great day.


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