Between Nengi And Seyi Shay, Who Is More Beautiful And Fashionable?

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Fashion is all about preferences, our likes and dislikes. What someone else likes might not be what you like that is why we need to make our choice ourselves every lady always want to maintain a level of elegance and substance in every occasion or event they attend.These wears are nice and very attractive no one will see them and let go of them. 

Nengi have been in spotlight before the BBNaija show but people get to know her grassing the show.

Beautiful Nengi gives the content the viewers bargained for on the show and that got her massive fans. She have been bagging worth- mouthering deals that fetched her good money as she get more popular.

Seyi Shay who is one of the Judges on Nigeria Idol show alongside DJ Sose and Obi Asika have been receiving backlash due to how she address contestant, however her dressing/fashion sense have been top notch. She is a kind of person people will have to look twice whenever she is passing by because she got the swag every lady desire.

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