Budget for Building a Three Bedrooms Bricks House


Some people still thinks that building a house is so expensive. If you get to culculate the amount of money you have been renting, you may realize that the money you have paid could build you a nice house. Its never late to achieve dreams, the most important thing is to focus on your dream and work towards it. Building a house is not something so easy, it demands alot of determination.

Bricks houses are relatives cheap compared to machine cut stops. Depending with the types of bricks, bricks build very attractive houses. If you have been wishing to build such a house the first thing you need to do is to have a house plan. This will help you to determine the cost of house you want. After determining the cost you can now start saving towards this projects.

Bricks =80,000

Cement 200 bags=130,000

Sand Three lories=63,000

Ballast =66,000

Foundation stones =36,000


Roofing 180,000

Electrical materials=80,000

Plumbing materials=40,000

Installing power=35,000

Ceiling =80,000

Paints =60,000

Tiles (30×30) =40,000

Tiles (60×30) =30,000

Bathroom tiles=24,000

Mess 5,000

Termite killer=2,000




R6 =8,000


Other unplanned costs 50,000000

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