Mbali Get Bad Reactions Over Her In Single and Mingle

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Mbali Get Bad Reactions Over Her In Single and Mingle

Single and Mingle is all about matching couple who are single and bec9ne ready to mingle. Although Channel 157 has tried to match couple. Sometimes couple do matcgj sometimes they dont match.

Most couple who dont watch the show is because they have theor own list and expertise. Heqe we review soon to be couple.

Sad part is thatsm the couple look good together but the gus is not interested. She’s laughing that he doesn’t have a child when she’s a single mother ? Lol the jokes write themselves.

It's such an inappropriate question to ask a person why they don't have kids. Some people don't wanna bring kids into this earth if they don't have enough money to care of them

Tebogo was not interested but he knew how to keep the conversation going. He is a good guy and he deserve a good woman by her side.

Mbali can't stop going on about how disappointed she is in her date and how average he is. Has she looked in the mirror

I see everyone talking about Mabli’s eyebrows. Have y’all seen her lashes. Its like she's some kinda of village girl

Mbali doesn’t want a dark skinned guy because a dark skinned guy will ruin the family.

The way the guy is struggling to express how the girl is not doing it for him has to be on another level.

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