The Initial Price Quoted Was US$25, But This Was Negotiated Downwards To US$19- Ministry of Health


The initial price quoted was US$25, but this was negotiated downwards to US$19. This is the result of the cost build-up to the ex-factory price of US$10 perdue's taking into account land transportation shipment insurance handling and special storage charges as explained by the seller these are the factors which led us to agree the final price of US$19 per dose - Kwabena Boadu, Chief Director of Ministry of Health.

For some time now, there was a rumour and allegation going around that the government has bought an overpriced COVID 19 Vaccine. This allegation was published in a Norway based news portal. According to the news, some personalities from the Ministry of Health purchased the Sputnik V Vaccine at $19 whose original price is officially quoted at $10.

For purpose of clarity, the Ministry of Health published a letter for immediate press release. This was to ask the general public to give them time for them to explain their part of the story.

Today, the ministry of health has released a letter signed by Kwabena Boadu Oku Afari, Chief Director of the Ministry of Health. They explained in the letter that as at the time they were doing the negotiation, there was shortage of vaccines in the market. Thus, they were in a dilemma of either accepting the offer or rejecting it.

Read the letter.