Moses Wetangula Over The Moon After IEBC Cleared Him To Vie For Bungoma Senatorial Seat Under FORD

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If you follow kenyan politics you must have come across Moses Wetangula at some point. He is the current senator of Bungoma county in western Kenya but he is currently in Kenya kwanza coalition. Moses Wetangula was not to defend his seat after DP William Ruto promised to appoint him as the speaker of senate if he wins the coming elections.

Some days ago, Moses Wetangula has made a u turn and decided to defend his senatorial seat irrespective of William Ruto promise to him. Kenyans were waiting eagerly to see if IEBC which the electoral body would clear him since he was already late to submit his bid.

Moses Wetangula has woken up to a good day after the IEBC has Announced that they have cleared him to defend his seat under ford Kenya political party. Now Moses Wetangula will be in a safe place if he wins the Bungoma seat even if Kenya kwanza will loose to Azimio la Umoja coalition in the coming general election.

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