Cost Of Solar Pump System In Most Parts Of The Country

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Farming is one of the activities that most people in Africa and the whole world have focused in, this is because each country's economy majorly depend on agriculture. A country with a stable agriculture will always have proper food circulation to her citizens.

In Kenya currently farmers can make up to more than 50 percent of the Kenya's total population. This is because many Kenyans have realized that farming is a very lucrative field just like other office jobs currently.

For example if you can grow a crop in one acres of land, wait for at least three months before your crops matures. Then after harvesting you can pocket 40,000 to 60,000 shillings, actually this is good amount of money.

Agriculture is again advantageous because you don't need to walk in search of job, you only need to focus on your farm, do your best there then after a short period of time you will start harvesting.

Agricultural projects like growing tomatoes, spinach, kales among many other crops may sometimes be costly because if you Initiate such projects in dry areas where there is low amount of rainfall you may be forced to buy a solar pump system and a tank.

This will make your work easier since you will water your plants easily without any difficult and this may increase the amount of farm products you will harvest.

Now let's get to the cost of different solar pump system. For any farmer who may want to buy such price varies depending with the size among many other things. The cost ranges roughly from 20,000 shillings to more than 200,000 shillings.

Dayliff DDPS60 DC solar pump cost roughly 20,160 shillings, SUNFLO - A 600H solar pumping system cost roughly 124,950 shillings, SUNFLO - B 500H Solar pumping system cost roughly 171,700 shillings. These are just some if the solar pumps but they are more than these therefore the one you will choose depends with the amount you have.

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