Someone tried to poison Mohale's drink.

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Mohale Motaung Mhlongo (born 9 July 1994) is a 27 years old entrepreneur, student, model and actor. He is popular for playing the role of a confident gay.

Media personality Mohale Motaung took to his twitter to share with tweeps a scary incident that has sent chills throughout Mzansi. Tweeps are still in shock speculating what exactly was the intention of the heinous act.

In a tweet, a distraught Mohale went on to narrate the incident to his fans. He said, “Last night someone tried to spike my drink TWICE, Thank God @uPeace_ was there and saw this guy. We didn’t even know what to do after we caught him because we were just in so much disbelief. People are weird!”

or fans, the scary part is that they don’t know what would have happened had the guy not been caught. For some, they are all pointing fingers towards Somizi’s direction. I mean come on people. Haven’t these two had enough?

Later this year Mohale revealed this about his relationship with Somizi:

Motaung also accuses Mhlongo of pulling a kitchen knife on him and threatening to butcher both of them to death just three weeks into their relationship.

He also alleged that Mhlongo, who allegedly loves group sex, also suggested that they enjoy a steamy threesome with a stranger when they were in Amsterdam some time ago, adding that Mhlongo often asked if he could bring home sex partners in their marital home for steamy sessions.

Now tweeps and fans alike have decided that Mohale needs a bodyguard because clearly Mzansi is no longer safe for the radio presenter. And while Mohale is yet to respond to the suggestions from his fans, it seems that he was really shaken by the incident

It is still unclear who was responsible for spiking Mohale's drink but soon it will be revealed.

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