Actress Maria Wa Kitaa Shows Off The Many Gifts She Received For Eid


Yasmeen Saiedi popularly known as Maria wa Kitaa, has decided to share with the public all the gifts that she received for the Eid celebration yesterday. Opening the gifts today, she has posted all of them in her instagram page.

The actrss has shared that she has received the gifts courtesy of her colleagues.

Maria has been gifted by the Indomie Family. She is the brand ambassador of the company. She landed on that job while still acting on the Maria show. Her role in the show is what made her go viral, hence landing herself on various endorsements. Maria is a young ambitious lady. She is turning 21 years very soon. In a chatspot interview, she once revealed that she hasn't yet date, due to the fact that she is a muslim. The Islamic religion does not allow young people to date without the intention of marriage. Therefore one should only be in a romantic relationship only when married.


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