Guardiola Names Chelsea Player As The Best Midfielder In The Premier League


This season, Chelsea has the highest team profile in the Premier League. This supported them in the top four campaigns. Tuchel has several choices to pick from. All Chelsea stars have been the strongest players since his takeover. They performed brilliantly situational soccer. The midfield Chelsea contributed to a kinky defense that only granted two goals during the Tuchel period.

Pep Guardiola is a keen Chelsea team admirer. He spoke a few things today as he was interviewed by BBC Sports. When asked what club Manchester City is closely competitive with, he called Chelsea. He said the Blues were the best coach with good players. He added that the midfield Chelsea was blessed with two strong players. He praised the next star, Mason Mount. He feels he needs only to boost his finish in order to become a full midfielder.

Pep went on to name N'Golo Kante as the best midfielder of the Premier League. He insanely said that Kante plays anywhere and suits two players together. He wants to train him. He wants to train him. When it fitted completely, he thinks that Kante was key to Chelsea. He compared him to Chelsea Makelele's legend, which he used to watch in Barcelona. He realized that with such a great player, Chelsea was blessed.

Chelsea and football fans, do you agree with Pep that N’Golo Kante is the best midfielder in the Premier League?

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