New twist; the story is fake Josephine was not pregnant, Western Regional Minister declares

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The was a public outcry when it was reported that Josephine, a pregnant woman was missing. Josephine's husband, Michael Simmons reported on the 17th of this month that his wife who went for her routine walk at 5 am couldn't be found. There was a suspicion of another kidnapping in the region when the ladies' mother confirmed she was called by someone demanding a ransom for her daughter.

The police had thenceforth frantically looked for the missing pregnant woman. Thankfully Ghana was greeted with good news when Josephine was reportedly found somewhere in Axim. According to the report, she hardly could utter any word when she was found. Due to the inability of the allegedly- kidnapped but now released Josephine to talk, and lack of official communication from the police, the public is being fed with several conflicting information.

The bump of the pregnant woman was no longer there, an indication that she has given birth. The problem is she wasn't found with any baby. Reports also have it that Josephine claimed she delivered twins and the babies were used for rituals. Other sources also claim Josephine said there were other pregnant women kidnapped to be used for rituals and she couldn't be used for rituals for being a twin.

The story has taken another twist when the regional Minister of the Western Region alleged that per medical reports available to the BNI, Josephine was not pregnant. Speaking to Kesseben TV, Honourable Okyere Darko stressed that the story is fake and that the medical doctor who worked on her indicated that she was not pregnant.

“From the BNI’s preliminary investigations they said this whole story was fake and the medical doctor who took care of her said she wasn’t pregnant,” he told Kessben TV.

Meanwhile, the husband of Josephine, Michael Simmons, didn't take the assertion by the Regional Minister kindly. To him, medical reports at the Takoradi hospital indicated that her wife was pregnant for nine months. Michael who got emotional when speaking to Connect FM advised the National Security to cross-check its facts before coming out.

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