"My Husband is Older than My Father by 3 Years, that's Not a Big Deal to Me" Kenyan Celeb Says


A Kenyan female celebrity Mary Wanjiru Njuguna popularly known as Ciru on social media has confessed that her husband Greg is aged 61 years old, three years older than her biological father. This means that her father is 58 years old.

Mary Wanjiru is currently 29 years old and she maintains that age does not matter in love issues. She says that it is non of her business to be worried falling in love with a man older than her father. According to Ciru, not all old men dating young women are sponsors as most Kenyans believe but rather there are some who are after genuine love.

Gregory Paul Twissis an English national. He met Ciru on the Facebook and all along have been in a 'healthy' relationship. This has led to mixed reactions from Kenyans. Some include the following:

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