Insiders Spill the Beans on the Details of an Intense Midnight Meeting that Saw CoA Reject Malonza

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Insiders in the National Assembly Committee on Appointments ( CoA ) have shared 'behind the scenes' happenings that saw Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage Cabinet Secretary nominee Peninah Malonza rejected unanimously by the committee.

The MP who sought anonymity while speaking to the media revealed that the rejection axe fell on Mrs Malonza during an intense midnight meeting of the Committee on Monday.

According to the MP, the National Assembly's technical team had the report of the vetting as early as 7Pm on Monday evening. The MPs allegedly resorted to a hotel on Mombasa road to discuss the contents of the report.

After assessing the report, team Azimio allegedly rejected plans by the committee to have all the nominees passed. Team Azimio for the better part of the night demanded that the committee drops four nominees (Peninah Malonza, Aisha Jumwa, Mithika Linturi and Ndung'u Njuguna).

Team Azimio allegedly continued insisting that it would not be used as a rubber-stamp and the four must be dropped to redeem the image of the National. On their part, KKA team argued that dropping four nominees would paint president William Ruto's government negatively.

After hours of a standoff, team Kenya Kwanza is said to have agreed to let go of Mrs Malonza as Azimio continued insisting that the image of the National Assembly must be redeemed.

Even after KKA agreeing to drop Mrs Malonza, team Azimio continued pushing for the rejection of the other three. After KKA rejected the demands to drop the three remaining nominees, team Azimio chose to write a minority report.

Source: Nation Paper.: pg 5.

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