Sunday Laughs: Worst Employees Who Will Probably Get Fired Soon.

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Nothing is more frustrating than an employee who fails to do their work effectively; it demonstrates a lack of motivation and carelessness on their part. People who don't do their jobs properly are usually hated by almost everyone, but sometimes you just can't hate that person because their failure to do their job properly resulted in some hilarious situations that will confuse the hell out of you almost every time; after all, how can you hate someone who made you laugh or perhaps even made your day?

1. You can't blame him; he's working hard.

2. I'll send an express mail after I take a nap.

3. He's even looking you in the eyes while he's doing it.

4. I hope he's fired and put on some sort of blacklist, so no one will ever hire him again.

5. It's not my dog, and it's not my problem.

6. Because you never know who you'll be dealing with, it's important to be nice to everyone.

7. He got a sneak peek at how people will be caught in the future.

8. This appears to be genuine.

9. This employee hasn't given a f*ck in a long time.

10. Don't pay attention to them Cody

11. This is why you'll never make $15 an hour.

12. Maybe he just wants to die.

13. This is brilliant; people have to be salty at all times.

14. When you take drugs and lose all control.

15. This was probably done on purpose.

16. This is actually very accurate.

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