I Am Not Sure Parliament Can Have Peace Without Listening To Me - Kwesi Pratt Boldly Declares

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The post budget debate continues to intensify as it has sparked a longstanding tussle between both sides of the Chamber. There is a deadlock in Parliament over the approval of the 2022 budget statement after both the majority and Minority shared dissenting opinions on the proposals of the government. It is on record that the electronic transactions levy did not go down well with the Minority who have mounted strong opposition to the policy proposal.

Recall, yesterday, the Minority Caucus led by Honourable Haruna Iddrisu boldly rejected the modifications made to the budget after the government failed to modify the infamous E-levy. It was announced that the Agyapa Deal, Aker Deal and the allocation for the Keta Sea Defence project have been restructured, however the much debated E-levy remain unchanged.

Earlier today, December 8, 2021, outspoken Journalist and Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Mr. Kwesi Pratt was interviewed on the Good Morning Ghana show hosted by Dr. Randy Abbey. Mr. Kwesi Pratt has once again registered his displeasure over the happenings in Parliament and has called for a concensus building to end the impasse.

Reacting to the recent rejection by the Minority Caucus, Mr. Kwesi Pratt indicated that it has become clear that the Minority side of the House needs a change in the E-levy. He explained that a careful perusal of the statements from Haruna Iddrisu is a signal to the government that the people of Ghana are not interested in the introduction of the E-levy tax.

Mr. Kwesi Pratt explained that, without broad consultation and consensus building Parliament would not experience the much vaunted peace and harmony with which they transact business in the chamber. He explained that, government can propagate this situation if it fails to engage the leadership of the Minority and consider their suggestions on the intended E-levy.

Speaking further, the verbose Communicator indicated that, he would not be surprised to see Parliament halted or suspended in the few days ahead. He advocated for a change in the approach to the debate on the budget and correct interpretation to the standing orders before the House.

He said, "....This side would try to overturn what this has done and that continues. We will just keep piling confusion over confusion. I am not sure Parliament can have peace if they do not listen to me and build a consensus."

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