Male DJs and Producers Wanted me in Bed for Satisfaction but I Declined, Lady Confesses

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Kenyan female musician and actress Sanaipei Tande has confessed how she lost an opportunity to perform in very big shows because she declined to have an affair with some of her promoters who promised favours in exchange for her services in bed.

Talking in a local radio station in the country, the female celebrity said that her promoters would call her before the show, they would then send her deposit money and what followed was them asking her for a drink that would later lead to a night out, it is from this moment that they would start talking about having her in bed and give her a treat she wished for.

Being a stable woman, Sanaipei turned down their advances leasing to her show being cancelled. Through her journey to success, the Amina hitmaker says that a lot of girls have approached her and confessed how hectic it was for them to make it to the top. They said that before a Dj airs your song, you have to do something extra and that is meeting him privately and undressing in his presence before engaging in the act with him.

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