"No One Wants To be An Old Beggar." Mixed Reactions After What Wangeci Wrote on FB

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Wangeci wa Kariuki is a business-oriented woman. She always thinks about what's best for her. Fortunetly, she is the CEO of Fechi Organic which entails manufacturing beauty products from organic materials. Luckily her business is doing wonders because she has been able to expand to Nakuru County and other areas.

In the recent past Wangeci wrote on her Facebook page that Business is spiritual and everybody should allow God to operate it. Always give thanks to God because he owns every soul that comes to purchase. Even the biggest client is somebody you don't know, he or she is God-sent.

The best thing in life is to give God your business, talent, and ministry and let him carry it to the Father and you will love it.

Wangeci added that if you serve money only, it will make you a slave and it makes you suffer before you receive it. Money will frustrate you if you only care about it. And if you get it it's never enough, it flies away and takes you through the same cycle or in debt.

In conclusion, Wangeci told people to always ask themselves some questions in life like; Are you happy, are you progressing, are you serving the purpose, are you with the right company, is it worth chasing and spending time on it, is it long term or profitable and is your family happy.

If most of your answers are no, it's time to make those tough decisions in life. Because in a decade to come you will not be younger. Sacrifice today when it is adjustable. No one wants to be an old beggar or even bother his or her children.

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