My daddy sold me for rituals, this is how i escaped-15 year old girl narrates

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Jhs 2 student Abigail Quansah was sold by her biological father to a juju gang for money. Her explanation was as follows: "When I got home from school, my Daddy wasn't there, so I sat on our veranda to wait for him. An older gentleman in his 30s approached me while I was waiting and stated that his father had told him to get in their car and take me to his place of employment. Prior to getting in the car with them, I asked him to phone my father so I could clear things up with him. He spoke with my father, who gave his blessing and told me to get in the car.

Once in the automobile, I found myself being suffocated by a handkerchief and awoke in an unfinished structure. It was a good thing no one was around, for I could hear their voices from a distance. When I went looking for a knife, I noticed one with a crimson cloth wrapped around the handle. Despite the fact that I was frightened and weak, I was able to gather enough strength to pick it up with my lips because my hands and feet were bound. I was able to rip the rope holding my wrists and legs free, so I leaped into a nearby bush and screamed for aid. However, I found myself on a road with a car approaching from another side, and I heard the gang screaming and racing after me. I flung myself in front of the car as a warning to the driver to slow down. I told him about my experience when he pulled over and picked me up in the car. He turned out to be a police officer, and he drove me to his station, where he recorded my information and began looking for the group.

I give thanks to God since I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for him. It is possible that they informed my father that I had escaped, and he has also fled the house as a result. My grandmother has taken me in and I'm currently living with her.


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