MP's Will Be Forced To Disclose Their Funding Donations To Prevent This From Happening || See Why

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The people of South Africa will no longer need to suffer more damage as the western cape high court has now approved their concerns. This comes after the last few months the country has been negatively affected by the ongoing court appeal to have the CR17 bank statements revealed.

This is because people wanted to know who funded the CR17 campaign that made Cyril Ramaphosa win the 2017 ANC National Conference. This was the year when people thought Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma was expected to win the election.

It only became a shocker when the results went the opposite way to vote in favor of Cyril Ramaphosa who was in favor of stripping down corruption.

After Cyril Ramaphosa was declared a winner the party started to divide when they know that Cyril Ramaphosa will reveal a lot of dirty secrets despite working together with the white people. The South African court has found it fit that it is always better for political parties to disclose their funding details so that during election time there won't any hassle.

This is because a lot of parties have been funded by ghost funders who don't want to be disclosed to the public. This is all because some of those founders of the party are not what the people of South Africa want. This is all because if people were to find out that the party is funded by white people, most people won't even find it in their hearts to vote for the alleged party.

Some political parties are now concerned that most parties won't be allowed to campaign freely as other parties prefer to be funders and not disclose their identity to the public interest. It is very clear how black people feel about white political parties as most of them are very racist.

What is your intake on this and Why?

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