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The kiss in seduction plays a fundamental role. It is often considered by the greatest seducers as the point X, the point of no return. It represents the moment in which the unconditional surrender of the "prey" is declared. From the kiss onwards the road goes downhill, if you don't make serious mistakes and you know how to touch the right strings, there is no escape. The girl will be yours.

But knowing how to kiss is also an art and it is not so obvious that everyone knows how to do it well. If you want to win a girl with your kisses and make your kisses unforgettable, there are a few little things you need to know. In the meantime, I suggest you also read the article I wrote on how to understand if a girl likes you, so as to be sure that when you approach her to make out, she doesn't turn away.

1. Be gentle

Passion is one of the fundamental ingredients not only for a successful kiss, but also for the entire relationship. Without passion it won't last long. At the beginning, however, when you do not yet know each other thoroughly, it is good to proceed with delicacy.

A kiss that is too aggressive, a "wild feast" could make the girl feel uncomfortable who could interpret it as a lack of delicacy on your part. Bring your mouth gently to her and start brushing her lips and then kiss her calmly and gently, move slowly. Then slowly as you become familiar you will have all the time and the way to show her your passion.

2. Use your hands

I have always considered kissing as an art. Knowing how to kiss a girl is just as important as knowing when to kiss her. If you want to move the girl deeply, your hands are a precious ally you can always count on: use them to caress her face and hair while you kiss her, gently brush her cheek with your hand while you hug her.

3. Lick your lips

When you are about to kiss a girl, never forget to wet your lips before doing it. First of all, because there is nothing more annoying than chapped lips during the kiss, especially for a girl. Furthermore, kissing with moist lips makes everything more smooth and pleasant.

This is a small attention that you must always take into account. The representatives of the female gender always notice these details, there is no escape. The ideal would be to always keep your lips very soft, often using a little cocoa butter, alternatively a lick and go, ready to kiss the girl of your dreams.

4. Learn the instructions below

If he managed to stimulate the girl's interest and desire, now he wants you ... it's time to kiss her. If this is your first time, follow these simple instructions:

a) Slowly insert your tongue into his mouth, as if you were enjoying a good ice cream.

b) Taste her lips with your mouth (even a few small bites are fine) and move your tongue slowly looking for hers.

c) Let yourself go and focus on the sensations you are experiencing. The more you listen to yours and her feelings, the easier it will be to get in tune with her. You will see that soon everything will come out very naturally.

Your movements will be simultaneous, coordinated for the mutual pleasure of both.

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