Employees in Hospitality Industry Set to Lose Their Jobs Following These Emerging Issues


Blow to these employees as they are going to lose their jobs following this emerging issues. Actually since the Covid 19 Pandemic entered into this country on March 2020,most of the businesses were closed down, companies and even the government offices. As a result the poverty status in this country has gone high.

Actually since the government of Kenya through the president of Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta, declared a total lockdown in some areas where Covid 19 Pandemic has become hotspot. Thus the tourism industry has been affected greatly, most of hotels in Mombasa have been closed down indefinitely and most of the workers have been given a relief without making payments, this is because most of the hotels and other businesses lost their business. All workers in the whole of the coastal region are greatly affected due to the total lockdown and these will lead to more than 400 employees who are going to lose their jobs.

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