Mugoiri Girls Principal Reveals who sent 17 Students Home for Serving Special Meal Twice

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Over the weekend, Kenyans were surprised by the reports that seventeen girls from Mugoiri Girls High School in Murang’a County were sent home for serving special meal twice, with the demand from the school administration being they should report to school accompanied by their parents and 10K each.

This situation caused a major uproar across the country with the attention being directed to this National school, as Kenyans blasted the administration for being petty.

According to news podcast, the Principal of Mugoiri Girls High School, Susan Mundia revealed that the Deputy Principal is the one who effected this suspension, but the BOM has reverted it and the students recalled back to school.

"This was a mistake, but it happened when I was away but I take responsibility for it being the head of school.

called the parents and apologized to them for the turn of events and they are comfortable bringing their daughters back to school." Principal Susan Mundia stated.

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