Schools Principals In Trouble As The Following Educational News Is Released.

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Teaching and learning has taken effect on the last part of the second term in the year 2021. Learners are having about three weeks to end the second term. The ministry of education is chasing time to ensure that the set objectives are met.

The ministry of education is likely to have the highest form one admissions in secondary schools. This is because their will be double KCPE examinations next year. The current grade five Students are likely to join junior secondary the year 2023.

Following the news that have been reported through the Daily Nation, secondary schools have been directed to host junior high school. This sounds bad news to schools heads since a number of schools do not have enough structures to accommodate the extra number of students in junior High School.

Schools heads will be forced to build more structures in their institutions to accommodate new students. Building new classes and dormitories may require much funds which some institutions do not have. The ministry of education is now advised to consider some schools which do not have sufficient facilities and fund them so that they can have enough structures.

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