Teacher who led students to Kintampo to meet their death in critical condition but demanded to teach


On 19th March, 2017, an incident happened at Kintampo Waterfalls. This teacher called Daniel led 60 students of Wenchi Senior High school to Kintampo Waterfalls where a very tree fell on them, claiming the lives of some of the students and others injured. This is issue really trended in the country.

Just recently, Angel FM visited this teacher in his house. In fact, he's in a very bad condition. According to him, he was a victim that time and unfortunately, he has not been able to walk after the incident. That is, he is totally paralyzed. He shared a very sad story.

According to this teacher, after the incident, the government promised to take care of him but as at now, he's still in the room, not moving. From him, he's the one taking care of the medical bills and everything and no one is there to help. According to him, he was interviewed on many platforms and that, informed that he was making the government unpopular.

Now, letter have been delivered to him, demanding him to come back to teach or his name will be removed from the payroll. For him, he wants to even go to Germany for treatment but money is not available. He's therefore pleading with the government and others to come to his aid.

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