Alfred Mutua Warns Uhuru on 2022 Election, Blames Him for Bad Economy


Governor Alfred Mutua

Machakos Governor, Alfred Mutua, has continued to sell his ideologies to Kenyans while pointing out mistakes that have been committed by the current administration. The Maendeleo Chap Chap party leader has already declared interest to vie for the country's top seat in 2022.

The second term governor was hosted on a political show at Inooro TV on Wednesday 30th. Mutua took the chance and discussed the state of the Nation. He noted that the Kenyan economy is in ICU adding that the president and his deputy are responsible for the mess.

"The country is in a bad state. Before Covid-19 our economy was in the sick bay but now it's in ICU. Poor policing by the current leadership has led to the current state of affairs," said Mutua.

The governor argued that the Uhuru's government have been unable to balance the economy. According to Mutua, the rate at which the government is borrowing foreign loans is not proportional to the projects being implemented on the ground.

Alfred went ahead to applaud the former president Mwai Kibaki for leaving behind a stable economy. Mutua alluded that the Jubilee government has allowed bureaucracy to take over, and this has complicated service delivery to the ordinary people. He also noted that William Ruto cannot separate himself from the Jubilee mess.

"Bureaucracy has made everything difficult in this country. Even accessing your own money in the bank has become a problem. You have to sign bulk of documents and then you are kept waiting before accessing one million shillings which is rightfully yours. It takes two weeks before getting a passport while in other countries it takes less than 24 hours. Kenya needs fresh blood in 2022 to change some of these policies," alluded the governor.

The Machakos Governor also warned the president on plans to postpone the 2022 election. Mutua said that this will be an invitation for war which will ruin the legacy of the president. He urged that politicians must follow the dictates of the Constitution.

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