Sad News As This Happens To Our KDF Officers


The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) is a security unit in the republic of Kenya which is tasked to defend the country from any external attacks. The unit is made up of; Kenya airforce responsible for defending the space, Kenya army responsible for defending the land and finally Kenya navy which is responsible for defending the Marine.

Over time, the KDF Officers have been trying so hard to eliminate the Al-shabaab both in Kenya and Somalia. They have been working under the AMISOM for almost 12 years on this mission.

Now, today in the evening, sad news have been reported from the KDF. As established by the, several KDF Officers are feared to have died after a car which they were traveling in hit an improvised road bomb. However, they did not disclosed the place where this attack happened in.

"NEWS JUST IN: Several KDF officers are feared dead after a car they were travelling in hit an improvised road bomb." Said the