South Africa Reports More Suicides in Men | A Call For Help?

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A bar graph dated 2019 has been making rounds all over social media as it reports "Suicide Rates Around The World". In this graph, South Africa rates as number 2, with a high rate of suicides in men than in women.

See graph below:

Despite this graph being dated 2019 and with its credibility being questionable, the suicide rates in South Africa have not since lessened.

According to the SADAG on a daily basis there is an estimation of 23 suicidal calls made to the life line daily and in all these, 20 of the callers unfortunately do go ahead and commit suicide.

In a research by Mark Heywood, men are four times more likely to die by suicide than men.

The bar graph resurfaced at such a tragic time in South Africa as the news following Patrick Shai's passing are still fresh.

The legendary actor reportedly committed suicide in his garage and left the country as a whole in great shock.

This is not the first time that South Africa has had to deal with such a tragedy, as rapper HHP allegedly committed suicide in 2018 following a long battle with depression.

Although the SADAG has reach out programmes and help lines which are readily available for South Africans to reach out and seek assistance, mental health is unfortunately still a topic that is frowned upon, especially within males.

Do you think that this is because men are forced to believe that they are strong and admitting that you have a mental health problem would mean that you have failed as a man?

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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