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Rahama Sadau who is a talented and famous Nigerian actress is among the few Hausa actors who are making it big in Nollywood. The lady also reveals her victory, as she features on a Bollywood project . Ever since her first feature in Nollywood, the kannywood actress gained so much love and recognition from movie lovers, further aiding her get much more followers on social media.

Sadau who is so much excited with her recent involvement in Bollywood, has been posting happy pictures of herself with her begotten online followers. Among which there are pictures she takes in Cyprus, and others which she is didn't disclose the location.

The above photographs, clearly depicts the popular actress wearing a pink attire, as she stands close to a metal object kept in front of a white fence with colourful flowers around.  

Although she posts the above Pictures without disclosing the location, below are other photos which she vividly let out the location it is being shot, as it read "Girne kibris - kyrenia Cyprus - kynpos". 

Photo Credit: Instagram

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