Rituals Performed When A Soldier Is Buried At Sea


One of the institutions in the world which hold on to their customs so dearly is the military. Parades, salutes, uniforms and many other practices make them distinct from any other institution that there is.

Of their many customs and practices, which often earns great admiration from civilians, a military funeral is one of those events which may easily replace sadness with awe.

Ordinarily, funerals are sad occasions. However, when a funeral ceremony turns out to be military in nature, the pain of loss temporarily seem to numb down a bit because of the various activities which go on including the firing of some volleys.

However, have you encountered of a military funeral where at the end of the ceremony, the remains of the fallen soldier is shipped out to sea and buried there, as in drop the remains in the ocean? It sounds weird right? Well there are soldiers, especially those in the Navy who can request for that can of burial.

We have a few shots to help you get a little idea of such funerals or burials look like on a military ship.

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