Do This Immediately To Save Your Car Once A Child Fills Pipe Water To Your Fuel Tank

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Children are always beings that are ever curious and like trying many new things whenever they are left alone. Many of the things that they do are somehow harmful and can destroy property worth alot of money.

In the current years we have heard cases of children filling vehicle fuel tanks with pipe water without the knowledge that they are destroying the vehicle. Through a renown facebook page Sikika road safety, netizens have been educated on what to do immediately you realise a child has filled your fuel tank with pipe water.(Photo| courtesy)

The first thing to note is that you should no start the car or ignite the car engine. This is because water and combustion engines do not mix. If you start the car the engine will suffer a very serious damage.

The second thing to do is to look for a qualified mechanic to come and empty the fuel tank which has water. An additonal thing to do is to fuel the vehicle with V power type of fuel once the tank is emptied and dried to clean everything in the sytem.

The other is that do not shout to the child or punish him, talk gently to the child and explain what he or she was doing is dangerous.

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