How to gain spiritual power


God unto whom all esoterical powers are under his domain of operation and of great essence is governed by mystery and beneath the visibility of men.

God whom we call in mysticism as the Cosmic and with him his frequency vibration is far of greater length beyond the terrestrial measures of men . God is full of mystery and devoid of any impunity and judgement .

Many people from all works of life are in the quest of thirst of spiritual power and illumination so as to reach the light of God far beyond religious dimensions of indoctrination. There are millions of hidden mysteries of attaining higher spiritual power and this goes beyond the practice of religion like fasting and praying .

I'm not in contradictory of fasting or prayer but I'm what am about to teach is far beyond the religious citations of practice . If you are a spiritual worker be it a pastor , mallam, herbalist and so on , just so this and thank me a million times for this superior secret of mystery .

Here is the process of how to get spiritual power and use it to effectively function as a pastor , prophet or mallam .

Procedure :

Get Nyanya

Any raining day .

On any day when its raining and you are at home, get your nyanya ready . Go out on your compound in the house and wear your underwear . Stand in the rain and use your two hands to lift the nyanya leafs and be praying in any language you feel comfortable with . Whilst praying use your hands bath with the nyanya leafs whilst its raining . After that come indoor but do not towel yourself.

Trust me and without prejudice that from that day you will be filled with a strong spiritual powers. If you are a pastor, you anointing will mount higher with greater dimension of authority as prophet . You can send your questions on WhatsApp number : zero five zero seven five ten eight seven eight