Dr. Gakara's Death Twist: Fresh Details Reveal What Police Refused To Do For Gakara's Family

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Dr. Gakara's death has come with several questions and regrets as more details continue being unraveled. There are several stories sorounding the death of Dr. Gakura. New developments have continued arising as people give different regretful testimonies that have made the wife more heartbroken. Meanwhile, fresh details have revealed what had prevailed before he died today in the morning.

According to The Nation, it has been revealed that the investigating police officers refused to give the family some updates on the progress of the investigations. The investigating officers said that they were giving the family time to mourn the death of the two children who were found dead.

The refusal of the police to update the family was later succeeded by the heartbreaking news of Gakara's death. As this happens, recent updates reveal that the wife to the deceased doctor has collapsed in hospital due to the increased pain she is undergoing. She has been admitted for medical check-up.

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