Kwaito loses his job after getting an email from real Estate Agent regarding his house

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On Skeem Saam relationship and family matter have changed Kwaito's life completely. After being told that he is not Seakamela's son Kwaito has gone mentally disturbed as he is now struggling with everything. He had bigger plans for his mother and now that he is facing parental problems. Kwaito no longer believes in himself due to lack of understanding his identity.

Mantuli fails to tell him the truth on the other hand Maputla iss finding it hard on him to share the news with his family. Kwaito got an email which changed his mood but that did not take minutes. After sharing the news with his mother he got the next email from the company he works for. Which said he is fired from work, Kwaito changed completely and now it is not known what is about to happen in his life.

He is caught between truth and lies his real father lives lavish lifestyle under his nose. But not ready to come forward to him and help with whatever that is needed. Ancestors are now dealing with Kwaito life is bad now, Lehasa on the other hand gave him a blue eye.

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