Meet The Cabinet Minister and NPP Party Executive, Who Attends This Prophet's, Super Rich Church.


Poverty is a serious canker and problem and a church that is poor is a canker indeed. Sadly, many pastors and churches are very poor and the evidence to this is, how long it takes for a church to build one mega structure. As you sit in a car around Ghana, you can see many uncompleted and forever abandoned churches and the problem is poverty. Especially when the church is God's body and the pastors teach that, God owns all wealth and can bless, this indeed makes the story of the poor church a sad situation that brings untold hardships and depression to many pastors, the reason many die early and suddenly.

However, for this young and anointed servant of God, he has none of these problems. He is a blessed man by all standards. He is a young man of God, well renowned in Ghana and beyond. He has a PhD in Business Administration from a Top University in UK and is a real and genuine prophet also.

Most recently, his church hosted internationally renowned healing evangelist Benny Hinn and trust me, that should have cost the church billions of Ghana cedis. Hosting even a pastor from Ghana can cost a rich church some good money, so for the church tot host a top global pastor you can just imagine the cost.

Well, his church, named The Maker's House Chapel International is a multi-million dollar blessed church by all standards. In fact, the reason why Benny Hinn had come to Ghana some few years ago, was to open their newest church auditorium. This are pictures of their first church building located at Kwabenya Point 1 and by the standards of any church in Ghana, this was an excellent place to fellowship. See the pictures:

But for a church that is overly blessed, this church is currently closed down and not been used. As they have completed a bigger and more nicer one, the one that Benny Hinn came to open officially is located on the Dome-Haatso road, adjacent the School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences, Accra and interestingly, the ultra-modern auditorium which seats approximately 5,000 congregants, was built within a record time of about a year, according to the Founder and General Overseer, Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye. See its pictures:

With this, you can imagine easily the wealth they walk in with ease. Well, the church boasts of top members and two of the ruling NPP members who are regular members of the church and hence, doubles also as some of the financiers of the church's vision and activities include Lawyer Nana Boakye and Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh.

It is exciting to have these big men, serving God actively and planted in a local church and supporting them to do exploits and hopefully, every church is able to raise such top men, who will support them as well to finish up projects, so that, God's church does not become known for starting big projects and cannot complete them, when banks and other human institutions can start major projects without God's blessings and finish successfully.

The young and blessed Prophet is Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye, and according to his Facebook page bio, he is a "Preacher/College Professor/Business Consultant." Prophet Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye is a consummate marketing expert, a trained pilot, preacher, teacher, Christian leader, furthermore, Founder and General overseer of Makers House Chapel International Church.

Above all, he has a strong academic background with several degrees including a Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS), MBA, MPhil in Marketing, PhD in Business Administration and PhD in Marketing. and has been in ministry for the past 23 years and over, making Dr. Nyamekye, a man with immense experience in managing both the spiritual and physical needs of diverse people. He started The Makers House Chapel International in 2013 and with a registered membership of over 4,000 within three years, the church has become the fastest growing in Ghana.

With his focus on excellence and knowledge of corporate workings, the church has become an example of a well-run church institution and a reference point for service excellence and best practice. Dr. Nyamekye sits on the boards of several companies and consults for many more. His weekly radio broadcast reaches millions with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

He is married with four children and is an ardent football fan. He served under great men of the gospel, the name and blue print of The Maker’s House was given by the Holy Spirit in 1998 but stayed in the incubator until October 2011 to be hatched as a fellowship. It is therefore not surprising that he is very well sort after to speak in conferences all over the world on a broad range of themes. A firebrand preacher; full of revelations and insights. Operates in a variety of gifts as the Holy Spirit permits but goes under the flagship of the prophetic ministry. He is a “word addict” and therefore preaches the word of God passionately.

In 2020, The General Overseer of The Maker’s House Chapel International, Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye, had disclosed that he was detained at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) by port officials for allegedly peddling drugs. “I was detained at Kotoka for one hour. Why? Because someone had said that the rate at which I travel outside the country [suggests that] I am peddling drugs,” Dr. Nyamekye revealed during a live devotional broadcast on Wednesday, October 1, 2020 dubbed ‘Command Your Morning.’

According to the popular young preacher, preaching at conventions and other programs outside Ghana was a frequent activity hence, his travels outside the country. He mentioned that while at the University, he sometimes leaves campus on Wednesday for a three-day conference outside Ghana and return during the weekend for lectures in the following week. He added that officials at the airport said “they were going to do X-rays. I said okay. I didn’t even know that’s what they were looking for.” He expressed the view that people didn’t know who he was or what he was doing because he didn’t talk much.

He explained that he was rescued by a colleague from his school who told the airport officials that he (Boadi) is a bishop who does evangelism even while in school. He, however, noted that he wasn’t out of the woods yet when his flight took off at KIA. “When I got to Malpensa in Italy, they were waiting for me. They asked me to squat; not knowing that if someone swallows drugs, they can’t squat because the drugs would burst,” he said.

Though he was only asked to squat, he said he was squatting and jumping as well due to his athletic nature. Dr. Nyamekye attributed the awful experience, which occurred 17 years ago, to persons he described as hypocrites who seek the downfall of good people. Quoting Psalm 62:4, the preacher stated that, “they planned to topple me from my high position. They delight in telling lies about me.” He concluded that he never understood the reason for his detention at KIA and torture at the Malpensa Airport till someone told him about the drug allegation against him, which came from someone in his school.


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