'My Stomach Looks Like This. Body Goals Ni Baadaye.' Mitchell Reveals As She Posts Her Latest Photo.

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Mitchell is Diana's sister. Mitchell recently gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy. Mitchell is so excited as she continues with her parenthood journey. Mitchell works as a Make Up Artist. Mitchell is the person behind Diana's Make up looks on photos.

Mitchell is also a content creator who does a variety of content such as Make Up Tutorial videos, entertainment videos and many more. Mitchell is also an upcoming brand Influencer and currently she has landed roles for Jumia Kenya and Jumia Food App.

Mitchell also loves to motivate women out here through her personal experiences. Michelle really loves to speak on behalf the vulnerable women. Michelle posted her current tummy look and she has revealed that she is so proud of herself. Michelle is not afraid to post her post delivery look which is normally characterized with weight gain.

Mitchell has said that so long as her baby boy is okay. Body Goals will come later. See Mitchell's screenshot below.

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