Lathitha nako, 16 Years old Eastern Cape pupil took Her own life allegedly after being bullied

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Emotions continues to run at the Bhisho High School where a 16-year old Eastern cape pupil took her life last week, allegedly after bullied.

grade 10 pupil Lathitha Nako, swallowed pesticide and died in hospital on Wednesday. The circumstances around her death have also sparked a fierce debate and support for her on social media. Before her death, She spoke openly about the bullying she endured on social media platforms.

Bullying has been going on in schools for many years and students are taking their own lives because of this act. Pupils are being bullied not only because of their beliefs some because of their physical appearances, backgrounds, race and cultures.

Many Victims they suffer psychological conflict, having nobody to turn to, they become isolated and depressed. They find it difficult to even concentrate during lessons and start missing classes or drop out of school. Altogether 42% feels like an outsiders at schools and become anxious for exams and class activities even if they are well prepared but they end up scoring lower than their peers, some give up on their dreams, which leads them to perceive themselves in an unworthy manner and lose self confidence, they eventually take their lives.

What then can be done to ensure that bullying doesn't take place?

"Let's sit down and develop a program that talks about bullying at schools, We are aware that they have their policies but at the same time we want to make sure that all learners are protected in our institutions of learning". said by Petros Majola, Khula Community Development Project Director.

There are many ways which we can prevent bullying in schools. We can stop bullying by adopting a whole education approach where teachers, principals, administrators, and parents play a role in promoting safe and supportive school environment.

we need to make sure that all students whether bullied or see others being bullied understand the nature and consequences of bullying and know how to reciprocate and report it. Teachers and parents need to also understand what bullying is, and step in and act every time bullying happens. Classrooms and schools environments need to be positive spaces where classes are well managed and disciplined for teachers and students to enjoy health relationships. Support must be put in place for those who are affected. Friends, victims and the victim's family need to be supported.

We all have a role to play to ensure a learning environment which every students feel accepted by his peers and respect others, diversity, culture, race, beliefs and religion.

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