"Hawa Watu Tutawashinda Saa Mbili Asubuhi Na Waanze Kulia" Raila Odinga Scoffs Ruto Over 2022 Quest

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Raila Odinga has accused Dp Ruto of sensing defeat in the August polls as a reason he is now blaming ODM party over numerous chaos at his rally including the recently witnessed at Jacaranda grounds and the Kondele chaos where Ruto's motorcade was attacked.

Speaking at Nairobi where he launched registration of voters as a bid of persuading Nairobi residents to support his move, Raila claimed that Ruto's lamentation over chaos is a sign of defeat by ODM party. He also revealed that his party has never planned chaos to Ruto's rally in the past days and will not plan whatsoever.

"Kuna wengine wanpiga Kelele eti ODM inapanga fugo na kurusha mawe. Hakuna ! Ya Nini? Hao watu tutashinda na kura na Waanze Kulia," Raila stated.

Raila Odinga that Nairobi province will always be his stronghold giving an example during the 2017 general elections how he emerged winner despite Uhuru-Ruto forming the government.

"I got over 900,000 votes in the last election, President Uhuru got 700,000. Cumulatively we got over 1.6 million votes. In the coming elections we will get more," Raila said.

This reveals how Raila Odinga is sending fear to the UDA camp showing his political muscles to the opponents.


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