Love in the air: Enice 'challenges' Stephanie as she assures of marrying Fareed [Date Rush]


Episode 2 of Season 5 was amazing and intriguing. Both ladies who came on the show got a date. Enice shook the stage from her entry to the time she left. Most of the guys were into her but what put them off was the fact that she is a single mother. Others also put off their rush because they felt intimidated because of her plus size.

After everything and a lot of interrogations, Enice settled on Fareed. Fareed was excited and he said he was already into her the moment she entered the stage. He was quietly observing everything about her and finally got her. They went out on a date for the first time and both seem to be happy together.

According to Enice, everything is going well between them but just that Fareed sometimes is not serious in certain things. Apart from that, she is hundred percent sure they will go far and settle down. Fareed on the other hand agreed to what Enice said as they look forward for a brighter day. If everything goes on well for them, they will marry.

Stephanie was the first person to assure us of date rush wedding. We still looking forward for that very day but it seems Enice and Fareed want to overtake them. Fingers are crossed as we await for what will unfold.