The Top Best Investment Opportunities For Kenyans


Many people are searching for place to invest their money and have huge return within a short time. Kenya has so many places where its citizen can invest in. In this article we will be talking about where and how you can invest in Kenya.


Agriculture is the main key that boost the Kenyan economy. Kenya mostly depends on the agriculture products that it exports to other countries. This show that investing in Agriculture you will have high returns at the end. Selling of farm products is profitable hence making you good profits within a very short period.

2.Real estate

Investing your money in building and construction sector will offer you huge returns on your investments. In Kenya there is a huge demand of better housing property due to the rise of economy and the rising number in population in the urban centers. Most of the investors in Kenya they also need buildings to start their business in. This makes real estate sector a profitable investment opportunity.


Sacco are good investment opportunity for the employed people, self employed and farmers. They have real promoted the growth of the micro-financial sector in Kenya mostly in the rural areas. The Sacco usually pays their members dividends at the end of the year with not less than 10% of the shares that you have bought.

4.Security Market.

Many Kenyans are now investing in the Nairobi Securities Exchange Market because of its huge returns to the members. There are two ways in which you can invest in this sector, its either any licensed stock broker or the investment banks in Kenya of your choice. This is a great opportunity for Kenyans who want to be investors.

5.Branding and PR Industry

This is a great opportunity for the young Generation in Kenya. You only need to build and start a brand and advertise it in the media channels. The investment offers a wide range of sectors like wedding decoration, event planning and many others. In this investment opportunity you are assured of high profits since it is easy to start.

Finally, the above are investment opportunities that are highly profitable to all Kenyans. With the increasing number, of unemployment in Kenya it is better to employ yourself buy starting a small business. But before you start investing it is better to carry out some research on the different sectors and find that is best for you.


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