Devastating;Messi has denied rumors of bailing Ronaldinho out of prison with 3.25m euros

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Ronaldinho was one of my favorite players to watch as a very young boy. The way he played especially for his country Brazil was just delightful.

Just over a week ago, the Brazilian world cup winner was arrested and put in prison for entering Paraguay with fake passports.

Just as soon as the news was circulated, another followed suit that star player, Lionel Messi will bail Ronaldinho out with a whooping sum of 3.25 million euros.

You can imagine the effect, what followed next. Fans all over the world were pleased, it was huge relief and once again the anti Ronaldos saw another huge benchmark for comparison.

Few hours ago, the entire world of football was hit with really devastating news. Unexpected and devastating. That Messi has denied the rumors of the bail or financial help of any kind.

According to Messi's managers, even though the Argentine superstar sympathises with his former team mate's condition, there will be no form of financial aid as his lawyers have adviced him to stay out of it.

This is coming after Ronaldinho lost his appeal in court. He is being held in the same prison as his brother Roberto and his lawyers are saying that the 39 year old might end up serving six months in jail.

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