Poultry Management And Disease Control


The most common problem affecting poultry farming is disease control.The most common poultry infection is coccidiosis disease.It cause a considerate economic loss to the poultry industry.

It caused by a protozoan parasite and it causes morbidity and death in poultry.In addition to anticoccidial chemicals and drugs herbs can also be used.

Some plants have been proven to control and treat this condition in poultry.Blackjack is a strong herb that is effective in the treatment of this infection.Most parts if the plant are used to make a concortion.The herb can also be given directly to chicken.

Pawpaw leaves are aso effective on the treatment and prevention of coccidiosis disease.Its fresh leaves are crushed and put on their drinking water.Sisal leaves also have been found to effectively treat this infectious poultry disease.The fresh leaves are made into a concortion and given in drinking water.The use of herbs to manage poultry infections also reduce the cost of production.It also improve the quality of meat by reducing the use of chemicals.This deadly disease affects the most parts of the gut.It also affects the breathing system in chicken.It is a problem which is common in young chicks.

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