‘December 7 must be a Ghanaian election, not Togo or a West African election’ – Nana Addo


President Akufo-Addo says it must be the aggregate duty of Ghanaians to guarantee that the nation has a register fit for the reason for the direction of the December 7 presidential and parliamentary races. 

As indicated by President Akufo-Addo, “we must all make sure that persons who do not meet the requirements, as set out clearly in the Constitution, do not find their names into the register. If you aid the registration of an ineligible person, and you are caught, you will face the full rigors of the law.”

Tending to the country on Monday, June 29, 2020, in front of the direct of the voter enrollment practice on Tuesday, June 30, the President focused on that “the election on 7th December must be a Ghanaian election, not a West African election, conducted with a voter register of Ghanaians. That is the only way the true will of the Ghanaian people can manifest.”

He, along these lines, encouraged all qualified Ghanaians, that is Ghanaians of eighteen (18) years old or above, and sound brain, to go out and register with the goal that they can practice their city duties on December 7, 2020, to choose a legislature of their decision in a free, reasonable, quiet and straightforward political race. 

“Using your God-given and constitutional rights costs nothing, but staying home can come at a very steep price. The pandemic, notwithstanding, we have to strengthen Ghanaian democracy,” he added." he included. 

Depicting the accumulation of the voters' register as one of the most significant errands in the viable working of any popular government, President Akufo-Addo noticed that if a qualified resident's name isn't on the register, that resident can't practice the option to cast a ballot, and can't, in this way, take an interest in the assurance of the decision of the administration of the day. 

“It is, thus, vitally important that all eligible voters register, so, on the designated day of 7th December, they can vote to choose the President of the nation, and the Member of Parliament of their area. In effect, our vote, our thumb, is the expression of our sovereign power as a citizen, which we should cherish and guard at all times," he said. 

President Akufo-Addo consoled every single qualified voter of their wellbeing at the 33,327 surveying stations the nation over, clarifying that the Electoral Commission has set up the vital, expound conventions for the procedure. 

"All these protocols should be adhered to strictly. Additionally, I want to remind all Ghanaians that all the other protocols and restrictions, especially those dealing with large gatherings, must be adhered to and enforced at the polling stations at all times. So, let us all abide by them, and conduct ourselves in a manner befitting the image and status of Ghana," he included. 

The President proceeded, "If you don't enlist now, you can't cast a ballot in December. Present your Ghana card or visa, which are the main two types of legitimate distinguishing proof. Without any of these legitimate IDs, a candidate can submit one finished Identification Guarantee Form, supported by two enlisted voters, to be enrolled and given with a voter ID card. By this methodology, every qualified voter will be enlisted. No disappointment of voters is examined by them." 

December surveys must be held 

With some contending that, amidst a pandemic, the aggregation of another register, and, without a doubt, the lead of the presidential and parliamentary races ought to be required to be postponed, and planned for a later date, maybe, when the pandemic closures, the President expressed that "that is absurd". 

He clarified that the Constitution of our Republic does not arrange the expansion of the order of the President, who employs official force, past four (4) years. 

"To practice official force in the Ghanaian state, you should be properly chosen by the Ghanaian individuals. You should have their uninhibitedly communicated assent. On seventh January 2021, when my command as the current President terminates, a properly chosen individual must be fit to be confirmed as President of the Republic," he said. 

Proceeding, he focused on that "If you do not register now, you cannot vote in December. Present your Ghana card or passport, which are the only two forms of valid identification. In the absence of any of these valid IDs, an applicant can submit one completed Identification Guarantee Form, endorsed by two registered voters, to be registered and issued with a voter ID card. By these procedures, all eligible voters will be registered. No disenfranchisement of voters is contemplated by them.." 

Referring to instances of nations, for example, South Korea, Poland, Mali, and Malawi, who have ever held political race amidst the pandemic, President Akufo-Addo was certain that "unquestionably, it isn't past Ghana to join these countries in sorting out an effective general political race, even amidst the

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