Why The Hospitalization Of Pere/Whitemoney Should Be A Reason For Ex-Housemates To Go On Vacation

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Pere (A former BBNaija Housemate) has been hospitalized. A video released on his Instagram fan page showed where Pere was receiving medications.

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Also, Pere confirmed the hospitalisation through his Twitter page where he shared the videos and accepted prayers from his fans.

Few days ago, the winner of the 2021 BBNaija Program (Whitemoney) shared a similar video showing where he was hospitalized and this caused a lot of mixed reactions from Nigerians.

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However, a lot of people are curious to know why the former BBNaija housemates are being hospitalized and the cause of their sickness.

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Nevertheless, I believe that the hospitalization of Pere and Whitemoney should be a reason for other former BBNaija Housemates to go on vacation.

This is because stress may be one of the reasons they are hospitalized. It's important to know that since the BBNaija Housemates left the BBNaija house, they have been attending different programs and events across the nation and this might make them to have some health issues.

Therefore, I will advise all the BBNaija housemates to go on vacation in order to regain their strength and refill their energies. They should stay away from stressful programs so that they will rebuild their body system.

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