Davido reveals his dog now hates him


Nigerian music sensation, popularly known as Davido, is currently out of Nigeria. He is currently in USA, Atlanta to be precise. He revealed that he has not been to Atlanta for almost two years now. He seems to be having fun ever since he got to Atlanta, has he has gone to pay his second daughter a visit. He has also visited the house he stayed 12 years ago, revealing that he and his cousins had no money then. He has also been to the club, visited Tunde Ednut, and has also been to a popular jewelry store where he went to get his customized eye glasses.

Davido posted some videos of his dog which he called "Detty". I'm not sure of the breed of the dog, but it looks like a bull dog. In the videos, Davido could be heard calling the dog but it ignored him. Instead it went to meet another person. Even when he took the dog outside, one of his neighbours called the dog and it went to meet the neighbour. The neighbour was surprised that the dog was now bigger. Davido then said "oyinbo life sweet sha, which Nigerian neighbour fit do like this?"

Please i will like to know what breed of dog this is. If you know, kindly drop the name in the comment box below.

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