Uhuru Indirectly Lecture Ruto Telling Him To Open Up His Eyes As He Hints What To Expect Going Forward

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President Uhuru made remarks in Kibra constituency yesterday when he was accompanied by former Kibra constituency member of Parliament Raila odinga. After commissioning of two hospitals that is level 2 and level 3 hospitals, president Uhuru took time to interact with the people of Kibera constituency.

In his speech, he indirectly lectured his deputy President William ruto telling him that he should open up his eyes and see what can happen if people live in peace. He said this noting that if it were not for his handshake and peaceful relations with former prime Minister Raila odinga, developments could not have been seen in Kibra constituency.

He however told off those that blamed him for his handshake with Raila in statements which he indirectly directed to his deputy president telling him to keep off and see what a peaceful country will leave to achieve in the future. The commander in chief however told the Kibra residents to be more decisive in the next coming election.

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