Reactions As Groom Tied Wrapper To Church For His White Wedding Ceremony

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The usual dress code for a white wedding ceremony has always been the Black and white suit or any preferred colour of suit for the intended groom while his groom men will chose a different colour of suit for themselves to support their friend.

A photo of a man, a facebook user identified as Imaan Mike Umoh surfaced online as he defied all odds to wear cultural attires to the church for his white wedding ceremony. His spouse also tied an ankara gele with her wedding gown.

He took to his facebook to share the story, and what inspired him to use WRAPPER for his wedding ceremony.

He wrote;


My dear lovely wife Pharm. Mrs. Faith Mike Umoh 

You are the reason I am no longer alone,

Thanks for accepting this concept even when it seems local. It was not a challenge at all to convince you to see reason with me in promoting my very own culture even ke white wedding. 

Chai!!! not long after she agreed to this out of the world concept of wrapper wedding, another challenge kpam. The idea of my female cousin Ndaramfon-Abasi Udoh as my best man and having our wedding reception in the evening.

My people i was scared because of the ideology of wedding ado mkpò owouwan.

Immediately i shared the idea with her,she said (ima mbòk a minute) and i was thinking of what she will do or say.

Hahahah i overheard her conversation with my cousin who was my content developer Nsikan Udoh. Her conversation (Nela, what is wrong with your cousin na. Every day he is coming out with different concepts and i am confused of which is which. Sir, which one is female best man and evening reception again na?) O my heart left me, i was thinking of if she will agree with me and God answered my prayer and she said (Ima, go ahead ooo).

The planning started immediately but how to tell our parents and Pastor about this concept was another challenge but thank God they all agreed."

My people, getting to church another challenge kpam. It is our church ethics for our senior pastor's wife to supervise the bride as well as the marriage convoy to see if they are properly dressed. In my pastor's wife voice (Mike, were is your best man?) I replied HERE SHE IS ( or Mike udoho serious at all, a woman?) she left. I was so confused and i asked my wife IMA, PLEASE WHAT SHOULD WE DO? and she laughed and said (Nkò afo ado ette concept)

My people it wasn't essay for us to tell people that after church ke ado anie ufòk amò ayòñ but if you love us, come back in the evening for the reception.

This story to be continued on our 3rd anniversary celebration. 

Yak ndioooo🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️

While some persons may argued that white wedding is a borrowed culture, some persons will also argued it part of the process to certify your marriage as an intended married couple. A man can choose to wear whatever he feels like to his white wedding because all his needs is the pastor's blessing not to please the public with his choice of clothes or regalia. Imaan as showed that culture can me change to suite your ego.

See more photos of the couple and reactions from Facebook users;

The little bride and groom also appeared on traditional attires. Indeed he was prepared for this.

People couldn't help but just to congratulate the newly wedded couple;

Congratulations to both of them!

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