Checkout The Tribe in Africa Where Women Can Stay For Weeks Without Taking Their Bath


We all know that water is very important in life and without water most people cannot survive, that is why most people cannot do without using water for a day not to talk of weeks. But despite this, there is a Tribe in Africa that can stay for days or weeks without making use of water.

This Tribe named Himba can be found in an African Country named Namibia, according to reports, the Himba people live in a desert where there is no water and they only depend on rain water for survival, and because of that they can stay for weeks without making use of water or taking their bath.

Despite the fact that the Himba women can stay for weeks without bathing, they have been listed among the most beautiful women in Africa and a lots of people have been wondering why.

The reason why the Himba people are still very beautiful is because they know how to prepare a portion or ointment they they apply on their body on daily basis. When the Himba women were interviewed, The revealed that the ointment is very important to them and that they can stay without water for a long time as far as they have the ointment.

The women of the Himba Tribe are also very hard-working and industrious. Most tourists who have visited the Himba people revealed that their way of life are very different but they are very happy.

Take a look at some adorable pictures of some Himba ladies.

Article Source: Guardian