Laugh Out Your Sorrow With This Funny Quotes And Hilarious Pictures.


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Are you having a boring day, have you been informed about any news that have made you lost appetite for the day. Whatever that is stopping you from being happy today is bound to perish after reading the following funny quotes and pictures. Without wasting much time, let's take a look at the following funny contents below.

1.A working man marries an unemployed woman, no worries. A working woman marries a jobless man, she is asked what she sees in that loser.

2.When I had my first broken heart, I took plenty Banku and everything was normal again, then I realized I was hungry.

That’s when I became a fan of Banku 

3.My sister before accepting to be his girlfriend, be sure you have confirmed the size of the Head....Be warned things are not easy in labor Ward.

4.On the first date take her out for some ice cream. If she bites the ice-cream, immediately excuse yourself to the toilet and never return.Your kids must not be raised by a witch.

5.You said you want a crazy girlfriend now you're catching feelings when she laughs at your mother's wig, my friend be serious.

6.Never consider marrying her because she's got a big ass.Remember the largest button on the keyboard is the one that writes nothing.

7.Sometimes go to the ATM and select different languages.. You might be surprised you have money in 'Le Francais' .

I hope you enjoyed the article. If you also have any funny quote, kindly drop it in the comment box for others to laugh more, and don't forget to share with your friends and family relatives to also laugh.


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