Photos Of Ailing Conjestina Achieng In Mombasa Today

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A disturbing photo of former boxer Conjestina Achieng has been doing online the whole of last week and her condition seem to have worsened.She looked like a mad woman who lacks attention form people around her.

Her son decided to talk to Mike Sonko former Nairobi governor and they both agreed that Sonko will send a car to pick her from Kisumu to Mombasa to visit pastor Ezekiel for special prayers.Sonko agreed and promised to support them.

Today Conjestina and her family have arrived in Mombasa and prior to the earlier plans,she will not be going for prayers and instead she has been taken to Mombasa women empowerment network hospital in Miritini where she will be treated.

After treatment the family now will seek spiritual help from famous pastor Ezekiel who is also based in Mombasa to see if prayers can offer a long lasting solution to the former boxer whose situation seems to be poor.

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